At a glance

St Mary’s School, Nairobi was founded in the Parklands area of Nairobi in 1939 by the Holy Ghost Fathers from Blackrock College in Dublin, Ireland. The School opened its doors on the 12th of September, 1939. The Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary, Heavenly Patron of St Mary’s, with 4 boarders and 13 day pupils.
The permanent buildings then were the main two-storied house, a low garage-like building at its side which acted as the dormitory and two other small constructions which acted as the kitchen and toilets. Behind the main buildings were four blocks of wooden buildings which served as classrooms and Fathers’ rooms. The School was temporary in nature and the grounds were limited. It only had a field for football. Part of the Parklands Sports Club was used for other seasonal games like hockey, rugby and cricket. The first pupil was Michael Morland and the first headmaster was Father I. Murren.
The School started by offering preparatory education in 1941 started offering secondary education. In January 1946 the school was moved to a temporary structure on an 85-acre site on the land belonging to the St. Austin’s Mission in Muthangari area of Westlands.
Most of the School compound had coffee trees and forest with 2 or 3 houses in the vicinity. The foundation stone of the ‘new school’ was the only one in the country with a Latin inscription on it by then. On 31st December, 1946, the transfer of St. Mary’s to its present site was completed.
The present-day School buildings were completed in 1954, including the two Towers that still stand at the School’s quadrangle. As the years went by other structures - the swimming pool, school hall, the cafeteria and the music centre were added. The School changed from being a boarding school to a day school.
From the onset, St Mary’s has always had a combined primary and secondary school and was a boy's School. Girls were admitted into the lower 6th Form (A-Level) around 1978. In 1983 the International Baccalaureate Diploma course, which is a post 0-level programme was started in the school and both boys and girls were admitted in the school. Today, the school still remains an academic powerhouse in Kenya.
We thank God for His mercies upon the school.


37 full-time teachers

5 part-time teachers

Average years of experience 10 years

60% of advanced degrees

Maximum Class Size

7:1 student to teacher

14 students per class

Smaller groups for language

60% of faculty

IBDP Graduates.

  • Language Acquisition
  • Individual and Societies
  • Studies in Language and Literature
  • Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Arts

IB programs

The I.B. Diploma is awarded for satisfactory performance in six subjects, three at Higher Level and three at Standard Level. Some of the I.B subjects we offer include, Theatre Arts, Visual Arts and Computer Science. All follow an interdisciplinary course in Theory of Knowledge, submit an extended essay in one of the I.B. subjects and engage in a program of Creativity, Action and Service (C.A.S).

Question Answer
Name St. Mary’s School - Nairobi.
Founded 1939 by Holy Ghost Fathers
Administrator Fr. Eliud Mumo
Students 768 from 8 nations
Motto BONITAS DISCIPLINA SCIENTIA (Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge)
Prides In Developing its students academically, spiritually and physically
Alumni Over 10,000 since 1939
Departments Junior and Senior Schools