Frequently asked questions

All Lower Junior classes are taught predominantly by their form teachers and teaching assistants within their own classrooms. The exceptions are Games, French, ICT, library and music, all of which are taught by specialist staff.
What does the term Saints mean?

The phrase has a triple meaning.

  1. Being the common term used to refer to the St. Mary’s School, Nairobi.
  2. The affectionate term used among former and current students to refer to themselves.
  3. The name of the much loved St.Mary’s School Rugby team
What is this Saints spirit I keep hearing about?

The Saints Spirit is to us many things. It is our resilience, our commitment to success, our love for God and fellow men; it is our unity of thought, strength and skill to raise the Saints banner higher. It is our determination to be true to ourselves, our God and our school. Simply put it is what defines us Saints.

What makes Saints distinct?

Through the decades we have nurtured thousands of students in this multi-cultural environment that is designed to be conducive to broad learning. Soaked in the famous “Saints Spirit” of Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge most of our students have gone on to become celebrated leaders in Society. A fact that makes us even more committed to continue developing our students academically, physically and spiritually.

Why should I consider giving my Child a St Mary’s Education?

If what you want for your child is more than an academic experience but rather an experience that brings out the confident, self driven, expressive person in him/her-then St.Mary’s is your ideal School.

What if my child is not Catholic?

True, we are a Catholic school and so students are given regular spiritual guidance by our resident Chaplain. Still the St. Mary’s family is a multi-cultural one where we embrace all people regardless of their religious associations as we like to say “Love of God and Fellow Men”. So Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Sikh students also receive their own weekly religious training.

What is the meaning of the Saints motto “Bonitas, Disciplina Scientia,”?

This Latin phrase appears in gold lettering above the school entrance and beneath the school crest on every blazer. These Latin words when translated mean Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge. These three are the inspiring virtues that have created the spirit of St. Mary’s. They are the ideals by which the pupils of St. Mary’s strive to stand and whose fruits they seek to produce in their daily lives.