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Embrace Holistic Education

At Saints we provide relevant Holistic Education. The term Holistic Education refers to a form of education where all parts of an individual are developed i.e.

  • The physical
  • The spiritual
  • The intellectual
  • The emotional
  • Creative and social.

Our holistic approach comes from our belief that a student is an individual who should be viewed as a whole consisting of various aspects that all need to be developed. A Saints’ student’s time is spent learning about himself, God and the world around him. All our academic programs place a focus on human values, creative arts, sports, religion, music and leadership.

Our teachers are friendly and encourage student’s self expression as much as possible. All this is done in a catholic environment that stresses Godly values and the significance of living a principled life coupled with resilience.

Simply put our holistic approach is one that seeks to build character. Good character.