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Meet The Saints Family


The St.Mary’s family is as large as it is complex in terms of the various individuals and group interests it represents. Some of the different groups that form part of our Saints family include:

  • The Catholic Church
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Staff
  • The Government
  • Suppliers
  • Alumni
  • Leaders
  • Neighbours
  • Financiers

The groups that are most significant to our Academic activities  are the Parents, Students and teachers.


It has been said that many of our students are confident, self-aware communicators. This is probably because we encourage them to be themselves. They know that they can speak up and be heard in a nurturing, disciplined environment where their Teachers are also their friends.

We promote this positive self-expression deliberately. Why? Because we have seen the many fruits these strong interpersonal communication skills have bore our former students years after they leave our school.


Our commitment to teacher development is not one of mere lip service. No. This commitment is one we hold to maintain our well-reputed education standards. To do this we constantly evaluate ourselves. We arrange regular events where our teachers get to sharpen their ability to deliver the Curricula content and consequently, achieve good results for our students. 

Our students get personalized attention from their teachers. Attention that goes a long way in pushing them to reach their peak performance.


As far as Parent-Teacher interaction goes we, hold regular Parent-Teacher meetings where Parents and the school team interact and discuss issues. Also, our Parents and Teachers use students’ school diaries to communicate on Student Progress. Also, at Saints our Teachers have an open door, open heart, open arm policy towards our parents.

We encourage them to visit us or contact us whenever. This explains why many of our Staff have year long friendships with Parents. In fact; it is a common sight in Saints to see a parent joining our teachers in the Cafeteria for Lunch, Tea or just dropping by to say Hi in the mornings or evenings. We love this about our school. They do too.

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