Junior School Teacher (CLOSED)

Position: Junior School Teacher

Reports To: Junior School Coordinator


Our institution has a rich cultural tradition blended in the academic and co-curricular activities. We pride ourselves in the solid Christian foundation planted by the Holy Ghost Fathers since her inception in 1939. We prepare our students for the KCPE, Junior Cambridge International Curriculum, KCSE, IGCSE and International Baccalaureate (IB). All our academic programs place a focus on human values, creative arts, sports, religion, music and leadership.

Job Description


  • Presenting lessons in a comprehensive manner and facilitate learning through educational in-door and out-door activities and events
  • Structure  the information well by outlining the content and aims of the lesson, and summarizing key points as the lesson progresses
  • Promoting individualized instruction to each student  through mentoring and coaching students on how to develop study skills
  • Participate in setting and  marking internal examinations 
  • Assess and record students’ progress and provide grades and feedback on their performance
  • Submit daily reports of  performance to the  Head Teacher
  • Collaborate with other teachers, parents and stakeholders and participate in regular meetings
  • Maintain tidy and orderly classroom


  • Attained P1 Certificate
  • Proven experience in teaching at least 3 years
  • Must be registered with TSC
  • Good in Teaching, Kiswahili, SST, CRE, ART & Computers

If you meet these qualifications, kindly send your resume to info@stmarys.ac.ke or contact 0721 490 140/ 0735 337 809

Deadline is 20th October, 2020


  • Gladys Matheka / Reply

    Hello, in the junior school post, i have handled kiswahili, sst and cre upto class 8 but i have not handled art and computer. Am I legible?

    • stmarysa / Reply

      Hello Gladys, We need at least one of them. Art or computer. Preferably Art. Thanks.


    Application for junior school

  • Naomi Ngila / Reply

    I am a P1 teacher, T. S. C registered and CBC trained. I have also worked as a headteacher. I can teach Sst, CRE and computer studies.Do I qualify?

  • Brenda Akinyi / Reply

    Thank you..are the applications only done online or one can submit hard copies aswel

    • stmarysa / Reply

      Hello Brenda, We are open to any form of submission, but due to time I would encourage use of email.


  • joseline kwamboka / Reply

    Hi, junior school teacher.l am a registered teacher, conversant with CBC curriculum.l am good at sst, cre and kiswahili.i have taught the candidate class but not for 3yrs experience.Do l qualify?

    • stmarysa / Reply

      Hello Kwamboka, Feel free to submit your resume, luck maybe on your side.


  • Linda mueni kioko / Reply

    Looking forward to hear from you soon

  • Linda mueni kioko / Reply

    Well served

  • Cyrillah makhakha / Reply

    Hi.I got your advertisement late.am atrained p1 teacher with at list 5years experience.am also trained in special needs education and attained a diploma.I have tought candidate class and CBC class too.can I get a chance please??

    • stmarysa / Reply

      Hello Cyrillah,
      I hope you applied because all those who applied will get an equal chance.

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