Junior school

Our Junior School program for boys aged 6 - 14 develops learning skills. They are taught about God, their world and themselves. The program places an emphasis on inquisitive learning, self-expression and life skills.

In our Junior School, boys are prepared for C.B.C (Competency Based Curriculum) and K.C.P.E (the first stage of Kenya’s national curriculum: 8-4-4) which they sit for at the end of Standard Eight.

Here, our primary goal is to offer a firm foundation for our student’s intellectual, physical, spiritual and social development. We are proud of the fact that our large student population is a multicultural one.

We love this lot because they are the life and soul of the school. They are playful, inquisitive, fun and like other Saints, disciplined.

Most of our students join our school in Class 1 as young boys and learn at our school till they are young adults at Pre-University level.

Entry Requirements

To begin the application process fill the application form and drop it along with the required documents (see below).We will arrange for an interview where your son’s academic ability will be assessed.

If successful at the interview stage we will make an admission offer in writing.

While making your application please bring the following:

  1. A recommendation letter from his present nursery or primary school
  2. A copy of his birth certificate
  3. Two recent passport size photographs
  4. Recent report cards from his current primary school (In the case of transfers)