Junior School
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Our Junior School program for boys aged 6 – 14 develops learning skills. They are taught about God, their world and themselves.

Senior School
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Our Senior School admits boys within the age of 14 – 18. At Senior School level the main focus is acquisition of academic knowledge.

International Baccalaureate (IB)
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The I.B Diploma is a qualification accepted by universities throughout the world.


We stand for God and for his glory,
The Lord supreme and God of all;
Against his foes we raise his standard;
Around the cross we hear his call.
Strengthen our faith, Redeemer;
Guard us when danger is nigh;
To thee we pledge our lives and service,
For God we live , for God we’ll die:
To thee we pledge our lives and service,
For God we live, for God we die.


Our school is famous for developing its students academically, spiritually and physically. Our programs deliberately promote self expression, discipline and God-centered living.
We encourage our students to be communicators, principled, open-minded, innovative and caring. This is why a Saints student takes maths, prayers, rugby, charity work, drama and violin all in his stride. It also explains why Saints students are usually all rounded confident individuals. This is also why our school has gained a reputation for molding just such leaders.

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We teach our students not only curricula based education but also positive life changing values and skills that will help them long after they leave our school. Most parents bring their children to St. Mary's because they want to give their children a positive educational experience in which the child is encouraged to do his best in academics, leadership, sports and the Arts.

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St. Mary's School is an equal opportunity Institution and so we do not exclude any prospective student on the basis of religion, race or affiliations. All in all, we seek to provide opportunities to students who give life best shot. That said, St Mary's School Nairobi admits students on the basis of merit and nothing else.

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